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Ship's Ballast Water Treatment System

Ecochlor BWTS - Approved IMO, USCG 


A best solution for Tanker, LNG, LPG Carrier and Bulk Carriers with Gravity discharged top side ballast tanks.
▶ Company formed- 2001,Using patentedClO2 technology
▶ Firstshipboard installations - 2004 and 2006

▶ IMO TypeApproval - 2011,GermanAdministration

▶ USCG AMSAcceptance – 2013, Ecochlor infirst group of BWTS manufacturers
▶ ReceivesUSCG Type Approval – August10, 2017


Ecochlor Strength
- No need to TROSensor and Neutralization
- Low Power consumption : 15kW/45kW (Normal/Maximum) for VLCC
- Small footprint & Optimize  space : Full package quoted, Can be modification
- Salinity : None affect, successfully tested 0 PSU
- Temperature : None affect, successfully tested at 0°C
- Suspended Solids : Successfully tested at Yangtze /ChangJiang River
- Noteffect on tank coatings and corrosion rates

Completely dffective on all potential aquatic invasive species including zooplankton, phytoplankton, algae, micro 
   organisms and even pathogens and viruses
• Exceeds IMO D2 treatment standards and USCG standards
• Ideally suited for installation on all ships including the largest bulkers and tankers in the world
• Explosion proof option for hazardous areas
• Superior economic scale-up performance over competition
The system includes a filtration step followed by the injection of a dilute solution of chlorine dioxide. The filters are located in close proximity to the ballast water pumps but the chlorine dioxide generation module can be located in any convenient location on board the vessel.      

Ecochlor® System Specifications

Allternate capacity and chemical tank sizes are available for any size ship. Design options for hazadous area installation also available. a Installed in any convenient ship location, b During ballasting only. Continuous Fillter cleaning operation.

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